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“Anyone who is scheduled for the CPNE, whether you have attended an Excelsior workshop or not, will sell yourself short if you do not attend this CPNE workshop.  Invest in it… the best money you will ever spend.  Absolutely loved it!!!”  Stacey H. - July workshop 2009

“Best money ever spent.  Wish I had done it sooner.  Unbelievable hands on and thorough on Careplans.” Tom C. - June Orlando workshop 2009

“Sheri is great… The format is very hands-on giving you ample time to practice all the skills.”  Michael L. -May workshop 2009

“She also gives you her cell phone number and email address and she actually answers her phone.  I have yet to hear her voicemail.  Many many thanks.”  Jaclyn H. -May workshop 2009

“Without this workshop – I wouldn’t have had a chance.  My nerves are definitely settled – at least until September 24!  Everyone needs to go through this!  I didn’t have a clue how to study, what to expect at the CPNE until now.  A definite “Yes” – you will be recommended” – Anna Clark; August 2010 Workshop

Pass the CPNE or Double Your Money Back!

We have only one priority, you! Our only ambition is to make sure you pass the CPNE your first time. We are proud to announce that we have a 97% pass rate!

Check out our Triple Clad Money Back Guarantee!

*This is a private workshop and is in no way associated with any college.*

Your CPNE is the final hurdle before you finally earn your degree. Don’t let it stand in your way. With our intensive hands-on workshop you will be instilled with the knowledge and self-confidence to take and pass the CPNE with a steady hand your first time. Our workshops always stay small so you’ll get plenty of personalized attention to meet your individual weaknesses.

We are constantly innovating new ways to make taking a CPNE workshop more convenient, affordable and risk free to the student. We have raised the bar on what you should expect from a CPNE workshop. We were the first CPNE workshop to offer a money back guarantee to give our students peace of mind that the risk is on us. We’re often imitated but still remain the lowest cost, all-inclusive workshop in the nation with the highest pass rate!

Constantly setting new industry standards, we are the first to provide:

  • A true, up to date pass rate that we constantly recalculate for accuracy!
  • A payment plan so you can attend by just paying your initial deposit!
  • A refund guarantee if you come and don’t like it after the first day!
  • A free workshop retake if you don’t pass your first time!
  • A double money back guarantee if you don’t pass your second time!
  • A mock check-off right before you test at no additional cost!
  • A take-home packet of over 30 careplans that will be graded at no cost!
  • A 24 hour support line after the workshop for as long as you need it!

You make smart decisions. We know because you’ve made it this far. Let us be the next smart decision you make. Enroll today and let us teach you everything you need to know from day one to day two… and a half.

20 Free CPNE Videos
  • 20 Free videos to help you pass the CPNE your first time!
  • Careplans, Patient Care, Wound Care, Medications… and more!
  • No obligation! They’re yours for FREE just for stopping by!

*Videos will be emailed to the email address you provide. We respect your privacy and will never share your personal information.



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